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By Dana Asbury on 26-August-15 14:59. Comments (0)
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The beauty of a coalition is that together we can accomplish more than we can

TN Lawmakers Latest Attempts to Obstruct Abortion Care

By Dana Asbury on 26-August-15 12:25. Comments (0)
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A Joint Government Operations committee recently held a fact finding hearing on the way that abortion clinics in Tennessee are dealing with fetal tissue donation. They found no evidence of any wrong doing, but they still decided to push for a series of unnecessary investigations of clinics to try to find something wrong. They are exhorting Governor Haslam to get the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to begin prying reviews based on false claims and to create another set of unnecessary, new requirements on clinics. It is clear that this meeting had nothing to do with facts. It is just part of the unremitting agenda to attack access to abortion care.