Momentum Building Against Fetal Assault Law

By Dana Asbury on 20-January-16 22:05. Comments (0)
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Tennessee’s fetal assault law has harmed the very families it claims to help. It has resulted in the arrest of more than thirty women. It has torn mothers away from their young children and made them scared to seek care. There is growing momentum behind the effort to push for this law to sunset. In fact, more than 35 local, state and national organizations signed on to a letter opposing this law and calling on Tennessee lawmakers to halt any efforts to extend the law.

Advocates Oppose Fetal Assault Law

By Dana Asbury on 20-January-16 21:40. Comments (0)
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Lawmakers should oppose Senate Bill 1629/House Bill 1660 and instead create effective, evidence based policies to support the health of women, their children and our communities