CHOICES' Rebecca Terrell Testimony Opposing Abortion Restrictions

By Dana Asbury on 13-April-15 10:04. Comments (0)
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"At CHOICES we train our staff to inform, educate and support every patient from the first phone call as they thoughtfully and intentionally make the decision about their pregnancy that they believe is best for them and their family. You are each invited to visit CHOICES at any time. I will be glad to show you our clinic, our conference and training room used by many local nonprofits, and the journals in our waiting room where our patients and their partners, family members and friends write about their thoughts and feelings, and sometimes describe their struggles in reaching their decision to terminate a pregnancy. I pledge to do a better job of keeping you informed, and I hope you’ll come visit us at CHOICES."

VICTORY! Expansion of Pregnancy Criminalization Law is Defeated in Senate

By Dana Asbury on 08-April-15 21:30. Comments (0)
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We are thrilled that the Senate Judiciary Committee just defeated Senate Bill 586! We are grateful to Senators Bell, Bowling, Harris, Kyle and Stevens for opposing expanding a law that is hurting Tennessee women and families.